Felton Long Term Solution for Knicks?

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Frank O, author of Knicks blogger.net is of the position that the Knicks point guard play is inconsistent. My initial reaction (as a Knicks fan) that’s absurd. Tony Douglas might not be the optimal back up point guard but Felton is having a career year. That said, statistics are difficult to argue with.

“According to 82Games.com the Knicks lowest effective field goal % (efg) is coming from the point guard spot, manned primarily by Felton and Douglas. Additionally the position takes the highest amount of shots.”

“Neither guard shoots particularly well from outside, despite the fact that they take a fairly high number of jumpers. Only about 20 percent of their shots are from in the paint (Felton 22%, Douglas 19%), where their eFG% is at least 100 points higher. Additionally neither Felton (33%) nor Douglas (34%) have been good 3 pt shooters this year.”

Before the season began the Knicks needed a stop gap point guard. They longed for a player to fill the position with more proficiency than the shunned Chris Duhon while waiting for all world PG Chris Paul to become a free agent in 2012.

This season both the Knicks and their temp PG Raymond Felton have exceed expectations. In doing so they’ve captured the hearts of a city that has for so long craved a team worth rooting for. It’s great to have a likable team but Knicks GM Donnie Walsh was hired build a contender.

If surrounded with adequate talent might the Knicks be able to win a title with Felton at the helm? It’s possible, but I’m confident Walsh will look beyond Felton’s popularity, analyze the numbers and conclude that Paul will dramatically improve the Knicks odds to regularly contend for a title.

Hollinger’s NBA Player Stats:

1 Paul 52 35.3 0.62 38 9.3 22.4 1.6 11.7 25.96 13.7
15 Felton 50 38.6 0.52 31.3 11.3 22.5 2.3 8.4 17.38 6.1

Knicks fans might like Felton but Paul is a stud. He adds 13.7 wins above the average replacement player compared to Felton’s 6.1. Are you willing to entertain the idea of nearly 8 extra wins per season?

Felton has been fun but as I have to remind myself on occasion summer flings end. Not every relationship is meant to last. Chris Paul is the girl you can bring home to mommy. The Knicks need to court Mr. Paul because he is a keeper.

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